Business One

Your Business & Commercial Landmark of the East

Welcome to Business One, your place for business success, iconic retail, and best-in-class dining in the East of Cairo. More than a mixed-use destination, B1 is a holistic universe of integrated discovery. A thriving address that engages seasoned individuals and world-class brands into a never-ending journey of success. Every detail at B1 is thoughtfully crafted to address your diverse needs, where a myriad of experiences create a hub of energy and productivity in the heart of Cairo.

A Prime Location

Access Unforgettable Experiences With Utmost Convenience

An Epicenter of Business & Commercial Success, Business One is strategically located in the vibrant heart of East Cairo. Right at the intersection between the Ring Road and Waha Axis, B1 boasts two grand entrances, one of which is a private entrance located on the Ring Road to guarantee traffic-free accessibility all day and night. With unparalleled convenience, B1 grants access to Cairo’s most prominent attractions:

- 10 mins from Maadi

- 25 mins from AUC New Cairo

- 20 mins from Cairo International Airport

- 15 mins from Heliopolis

- 10 mins from Sokhna Road

- 25 mins from New Capital

Step into Business One, Discover A World Of Limitless Potential

Where Business Excellence Meets World-Class Entertainment

Boasting 15,000 sqm of commercial and office spaces, B1 is an impressive mixed-use destination that dedicates 65% of its landscape to lush outdoor spaces, breathing areas and panoramic views. With four state-of-the-art buildings, a wealth of world-class retail and dining experiences take place on ground, while top-tier office spaces flourish in the first and second floors. Here, an interconnected community of like-minded individuals thrive in one epicenter of success. From forward-thinking entrepreneurs to large enterprises, all combine cutting-edge productivity with seamless collaboration, to create a hub of business excellence and enchanting experiences. Artisanal dining, world-class entertainment and premium hospitality blend together with memorable shopping sprees, pedestrian-friendly pathways and breathing promenades, bringing you closer to nature with the mental clarity needed to excel. Welcome to B1, where every step is a journey of ongoing discovery and a limitless future of success.

Exterior and Interior Design

Experience Peak Performance With Efficient Interiors & Nature-Inspired Exteriors

- Inspiring Interiors For Peak Performance

Welcome to B1’s ultimate business complex. Set on four interconnected plots, our state-of-the-art business hub offers modern and spacious office spaces that meet the diverse needs of entrepreneurs and large corporations alike. With an elegantly designed environment, we have created an encouraging ambiance that inspires collaborative and productive work experiences. The integrated plan of the buildings seamlessly blend functionality, ample sunlight, and quality ventilation with minimized noise levels, lush views, and environmentally-friendly elements, to promote holistic wellbeing, low-stress levels and enhanced performance. B1’s facilities are thoughtfully crafted to the smallest detail, providing a premium center point where the highest standards of finishing materials and smart layouts come to place. From luxurious lounge areas and a proficient front desk service, to a smart interactive building design and state-of-the-art showrooms – B1 is where you can discover the ultimate work experience for your thriving business.

- Modern Exteriors

Set the Stage for Success

B1’s exterior design embodies a contemporary aesthetic, which seamlessly blends nature-inspired elements with a lush green landscape and sprawling gardens. The sleek and modern ambiance effortlessly combines cutting-edge concepts, setting the stage for unparalleled success. B1 integrates every individual into a world of endless possibilities, breakthrough innovation and forward-thinking, making it the epicenter for entrepreneurs, startups and established businesses alike. Enter B1 and experience the inspiration that awaits you for a promising future.

Premium Facilities and Services

Where Premium Office Facilities Meet Iconic Services

For The Ultimate Work & Play Destination

- Iconic Commercial Experiences

Where A Vibrant Lifestyle of Style, Taste & Excitement Unveils

Explore B1’s most sought-after commercial attraction where you can shop, dine, move and rejuvenate all in one place. Whether you choose to discover the most contemporary brands, ignite your taste buds at artisanal bistros and high-end restaurants, restore your senses at the park, connect with like-minded individuals on pedestrian-friendly pathways, or experience world-class hospitality – everything is hand-picked to suit your personal style and taste. At B1, experience the spark and excitement of exploring new trends and flavors at B1, where life comes in a multitude of colors.